Household and Business moving around the corner or across the country

Frequent Questions


Read the FAQ from Neighbourhood Movers in Lethbridge

 Moving a household or business is a major undertaking and many people have questions and concerns. We’ve addressed some of the most often heard comments in a convenient question and answer format as an aid to planning your move. 

When should I contact a moving company?

 It’s a good idea to provide us with at least four to six weeks notice before a move. This makes it more likely we can accommodate your schedule for delivery. Call Neighbourhood Movers at 403-331-9176 as soon as you know you’ll be moving.

Do I have to pack my belongings, or will you do it for me?

 You are welcome to pack your own possessions, or you can leave it to the professionals. Carefully wrap breakable items and clearly label any boxes on the side to avoid confusion when unpacking. 

How much will it cost?


Moving charges are based on a combination of weight and distance. A representative from Neighbourhood Movers will come to your home and assess your needs and then offer an estimate of charges based on:

  • The weight of your shipment
  • Packing requirements and special needs.
  • Ease of access to your home or office
  • Distance to be traveled

At the end of this process you will be presented with an estimate of the costs of your move.

Can you move live plants?

 Because it is impossible to ensure a sufficient amount of light, water, and temperature requirements for your plants during transport, Neighbourhood Movers cannot accept responsibility for safely moving live plants. 

What about Pets?

 There is no safe way to transport pets in a moving truck. They cannot ride in the cab due to insurance prohibitions and it would be unsafe to transport them in the box because of the lack of temperature control and the possibility of injury. Pets should be transported in the family car.